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Wireless printers are super convenient to work as there is no cables but at the same time it is complicated and more error prone.

While working with wireless printer make sure that your Wi-Fi is working fine and after successful connection with your computer make sure that your printer’s Wi-Fi is turned on and it is receiving signals. After doing all these also if you face problem in printing then restart your computer, printer and wireless router. After restarting check the connection between printer and computer and make sure router is working fine. Print a Wireless network test report from printer control panel. You can do this pressing the wireless button on your wireless printers. Most of the wireless printers have this feature

No worries if you don’t find the button and ways to resolve any issue , when you are in hurry and need to get an important printout and your printer has stopped working suddenly. All you need to do is give us a call and our technician will assist you and resolve it in blink of an eye.

Happy to assist you at 1-800-611-3260 (toll free)